About us

    Our mission : to serve our customers with the best expertise and smooth and thorough delivery of their construction needs and dreams.

    Founded in 1995, the corporation has acquired an extensive expertise in all major domains of construction, risen to challenges and tested innovative strategies in building systems.

    A qualified and professional team

    We use the latest programs for you to see and develop your projects according to your wishes.

    Integrity and diligence are the values of our undertakings and the trademark of our achievements. Our conscientious and qualified workers bring praise from our customers.

    We are committed :

    • To provide pertinent advices and execution to your best interest
    • To a thorough respect in all manners
    • To provide the best products from the best suppliers in the country

    M&M will accompany you for your solarium, extension or interior or exterior renovations

    Our offers : Entreprises M&M adapts its services to your needs, budget and projects

    You wish to submit the conception, draft and administrative steps of your projects.
    M&M, general contractor, undertakes every steps towards your goal.

    M&M offers projects adapted to your needs. Our experience and expertise positions us as first choice coordinators.

    We offer, along the realization :

    • Coordination of different trades (plumbing, electricity, ventilation, etc.)
    • Conception and drafting on plans or three dimensional plans, so you may define the outcome before anything is started
    • We can assist you in developing and visualizing your dream
    • We will offer the large array of available products, colours and blending

    Discover what Entreprises M&M can offer for a turnkey project :


    Coming from the mind of our creative team, this realisation is an incredible transformation of a simple design to an ornate and homely look. Discover the unfolding of their dream.


    This renewed family nest is the product of ingenuity in as much the materials as the layout of design and colors.


    Go ahead, submit your request, we will offer layouts that will go beyond your wishes.

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