Building solariums

    You wish to install a solarium ?
    You hope to create a unique space in your home ?
    Your dream : 12 months under the sun!
    Our customers value that bright and convivial room which keeps you close to nature.
    M&M proposes 4 seasons, 3 seasons solariums, awnings, wooden or aluminium : multiple choices adapted to your needs.

    Well prepared construction of your solarium

    Modeled on your demands

    Well conceived, well tuned : a dream that becomes reality, and not a nightmare ten years later

    Turnkey project

    The choice of our partners and suppliers ensures a high standard of confort and security

    Plans & permits

    We offer the preparation of plans and proper action to obtain city permits and engineer plans if necessary.


    We offer the whole array of the best glazing available in North America : from double panes to HeatMirror, from tinted to reflective, triple, Low-e, argon, tempered, laminated, curved, etc.

    Your budget

    We will provide advice according to your dreams and budget. Our rich experience allows us to counsel you wisely. Our advices aim at long-term solutions and guarantee you the best product.