Exterior Renovation

    Exterior renovation

    There is a wide variety of cladding on the market for our houses : extruded aluminium, aluminium siding, vinyl, fibro-cement, acrylic, Canexel, bricks, natural wood, etc.

    Need to refresh or go deeper, i.e. insulate, straighten, etc.. Refreshing the cladding will add to comfort, style and value of your house.

    Our projects run from simply redoing the isding to a complete transformation of walls and architecture.

    Doors and windows

    We offer the best range of accredited doors and windows on the market.

    Products that are equal or above the Energy star mark: from Pvc to fiberglass, aluminium, wood, hybrid.

    M&M offers the whole spectrum of glazing products : doors, windows, Bay window, curtain wall, etc.

    • Decorative doors, patio, electric, steel, aluminium, storm, etc.
    • Aluminium windows, Pvc, wood, hybrid, crankcase, guillotine, sliders, awning, etc.

    The wide spectrum of the market and beyond with tailored to your needs products with the right advice for your comfort.

    Rénovation extérieure | Portes et fenêtres
    Rénovation extérieure | Portes et fenêtres

    On this site, excavation and installation of screw pillars, new support beam, leveling of floor, replacement of cladding.


    You may have to rebuild the foundation of a solarium, an unstable, too damp or poorly built basement.

    We rebuild the underlying foundation, cut humidity by staging stone, urethane, vapor barrier and floor, etc.

    Roof repairs

    Damages slowly appear on the ceiling, revealing worn shingles, lack of membrane.

    It may also result from poor insulation or air circulation trapping condensation.

    We have developed expertise to resolve these weaknesses.

    Roof modified for better ventilation

    Deck / Patios

    We will recommend materials and methods, but as well, architectural products and an array of new designs.