Interior Renovation

    M&M offers to transform your interior home in many ways:

    Kitchen and bathrooms

    You need ideas, plans?

    We offer those services, along budgetary costs to undertake them.

    And all this with the assistance of fine and professional tradesmen: carpenters, woodworkers, ceramists, electricians, plumbers, designers, architectural technologist, cabinet manufacturers etc.

    All interior rearrangements

    We undertake all necessary steps :

    • displacement of supporting wall,
    • levelling floors, squaring walls,
    • acoustic insulation,
    • electrical upgrading,
    • plastering, resurfacing,
    • suspended ceilings,
    • etc.

    Floors, tiles, heating floor, woodworking, cabinets, moldings, frames, ec.

    Our carpenters are well trained for the eloquent final touch and deliver with pride a high quality workmanship and a sharp line to it all as many of our customers testify.