Solarium Maintenance

    Having problems with your old solarium : water infiltration, decay, moisture?
    We have fixed thousands of solariums of all marks, shapes and sizes.

    Common concerns are :

    • water infiltration (roof, floor)
    • rotteness
    • decay
    • leaks, heat gain, heat loss
    • sagging

    Over 20 years in the trade have forged our expertise : we are able to diagnose and recommend the right solutions.

    Have your solarium seen by experts. Don’t wait too late as small clues can lead to efficient prevention and neglect of small clues can degenerate exponentially in cost of recovery.

    M&M offers all pertaining services for your solarium :

    Maintenance, reconstruction, moving or replacement

    Here is a solarium we have moved to another property :

    We have repaired, rebuilt, improved thousands of greenhouses of more than 50 marks.

    Effondrement de solarium : travaux de réfection de la structure de plancher, membrane sur le seuil, rescellement de la verrière

    Solarium improvement

    From worrisome to affirming : rebuilding floor substructure, membrane on the sill, sealing of the whole structure.

    Solarium maintenance

    The maintenance of your solarium should be annual or periodic. Problems can be avoided with a plan of regular maintenance, affair anticipation of the hardware lifespan, glazing, sealants, etc.

    Maintenance following degradation


    Obvious leaks? Water running down your head on the structure?
    You need to redo the sealants?

    We use the proper sealant for the need. There is no universal sealant that qualifies for any situation : only the proper one for aluminium, glass, wood, PVC, etc.

    Better choose the designated sealant for the surface we are treating

    Kneewalls, floors, underpinning, decay, etc.

    You don’t see the water coming in, but the floor, moldings, plaster, or grout is altered from its original consistence. There are ants, sagging of the materials. Solariums are unfortunately sometimes botched-up installation, ill conceived, disrespectful of the norms, or suffer basic neglect of the supplier.

    Happily, most of the time, it can all be rebuilt, corrected and improved, for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. We have thousands of examples and references.

    Roof and skylite repairs

    Damaged ceilings, springtime infiltration; the attachment of the greenhouse or skylite to the house is ill-prepared and poorly assembled.

    M&M will propose for these, solutions thought to fix globally the situation.

    Solutions that will encompass :

    • Proper attachment to the gables
    • Water proofing of roof and unions
    • Rearrangement of ventilation and aeration of the roof

    Structure improvement

    The structure is cold, weak, unadaptable with better glazing ?

    The structure is the most challenging part of the manufacturers. Many have attempted to it, but not always successfully.

    One has a good thermal barrier, but a weak waterproofing, another has a robust structure, but poor insulation, yet another as a classy style, but poor adaptability to proper glazing. Many have tested all sorts of recipes.

    For the major part of these misconceptions, there is a simple, efficient and affordable solution. We did put our hands to it for over 20 years and successfully.

    Replacing window panes, installing efficient glazing

    M&M offers a wide spectrum og glazing materials : simple, sealed units, double, triple thermos, tempered, laminated, clear, Low-e, HeatMirror88, HeatMirror22, 55, Sc75, Superglass, tinted, reflective, curved, with argon, with krypton, stainglass, Neat (auto-cleaning glass), etc.

    Replacing thermo panes for better performing panels against heat gain or heat loss can improve significantly your solarium. Sealed units, windows and doors are important items to pay attention to and care for the quality and comfort of the room.

    For any problems you encounter; foggy panels, broken glass, poor insulation, poor protection, etc., we offer the widest variety of the market and the whole spectrum of quality glass.

    We will recommend the best adapted glazing for your situation and budget : either replacing with the same, but new, panels as you already possess or to better quality, from Energy Star to better like HeatMirror or the new lines of energy glass. The appropriate glass may sometimes come cheaper than the ones you have if we use the proper one for your situation.


    Replacing all the accessories of your solarium : blinds, films, hardware, moldings, etc.

    Wide variety of blinds

    We offer the best anti-solar blinds on the market, perfectly adapted to your structure :roof blinds, simple, guillotine or double guillotine, electrical and from a choice of colors to match your decoration.

    Safety films and UV, glare, sunlight filters

    Films play an important role in temperature control. It is often integrated in the glazing, but sometimes insufficiently and leaves you with :

    • overheating
    • glare
    • fabric wearing
    • dying plants

    By their filtering properties, films reduce heat gain, UV, and glare. It offers a fair compromise between blinds or shifting to another type of thermo panes. It can also add to security.

    M&M could help you and offer a wide variety of high quality films.

    Adapted harware for your solarium

    Crankcase, locks, weather strip, screens, etc. Many replacement parts are still available

    We can act on all parts of a solarium :

    • kneewalls
    • floors
    • substructures
    • roof
    • skylite
    • structure
    • glazing
    • hardware

    Talk to us for a diagnosis and a solution to your solarium.